About Benson Mallard Hand Crafted Fishing Floats

We, at Benson Mallard Fishing, are serious about your fishing.

You may be a beginner or the complete angler with years of experience. Or someone who hopes his next catch is not too big for his kit, and hope there is no one is looking if you do. Don’t worry, we have all been there. Every single one around the lake is simply happy to be there connecting with the outside world.

It’s all about the important bit, the joy of fishing.

We are a small company. In the fifteen years of making floats we are proud of our in house designs that cater for the angler who wants that extra touch of class. All raw materials are sourced in the UK, everything being done by hand with an overriding sense that our customers look for quality.

So come with us and experience the journey we have taken and still to go on.

Apart from a crafters lathe, to form the various in house designs we have created, everything is done by hand. This gives us flexibility and the ability to react quickly to new lines and customer requests.

The industry standard waggler float takes three days to complete while an inlaid feather float will take five. So we keep a closely controlled buffer stock to give our customers the quick turn around they like.

Attention to detail and quality control are a must, which is our Mission Statement, and determines a first class job; for which we are renowned. Plus a 100% feedback on eBay.

All orders get a confirmation email including any variables that may have been requested. A different tip colour is a regular request.