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Thank you for joining me. This is the beginning of a new jorney I hope will be useful to all and bring you back to add your two penn’orths.

It will be about venues I have fished in Lincolnshire and where, and what, you have found you want others to share around your neck of the woods.

Welcome to an unsponsored fishing blog.

Lake Ross is on the Bourne Road from Spalding.

This is a track that never fails to deliver. And a superb place for me to check out a new paste, because, if it does not catch here it will not catch anywhere.

Every peg is comfortable and gives a good line of sight to margins both sides.

Parking is easy. The owners fiendly. Don’t forget to have your landing net handy to dip on your way to the chosen peg.

12 August New formula paste as well as the go-to brought in the best part of 80lb.

Two Golden Aub, a Tench, and Carp from 5 to 9lb it was a good day.

The Bain Fisheries is just off the Skeg road near RAF Coningsby. All lakes are named after WW2 aircraft. This photo is of the popular Shakleton Lake with the Lincolnshire domicile  Lancaster flying over. Shackleton has a good cross-section of fish with carp to 20lb. The fishery can be found in the picturesque village of Tattershall Thorpe, deep in the heart of rural Lincolnshire. Set in farmland, the 7 lakes are all man-made from old quarry pits and can be up to 11ft deep. There is parking at peg on every lake providing good access for disabled anglers. Day and night fishing is available.

More info on their website.

19th August. Tried everything. Killer paste, luncheon meat over corn, Robin Red, prawns…nothing. Never blanked here before and rarely ever on own bait.

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